Cargo Net / Tie Downs 4 Rust Resistant Hooks - *Secures SUP Valuables - *See All Sizes

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SUPSmart Cargo Net Attaches to Stand Up Paddle Board Anchor Tie Downs, Connex SUP Mounts, and Deck Rigging Kits

The SUPSmart Cargo Net was designed in the USA by SUP enthusiast needing convenience and reliability.  We discovered that sand and water would frustratingly loosen suction mounted nets and contunually need maintenance.  This become exceptionally noticeable when we tried to mount a required Life Jacket with some additional items. SUPSmart Cargo Net allows you to secure items underneath a Bungee Anchor System on your board so that you can paddle safely with your gear of choice secured on board.  Additionally, the SUPSmart Net stretches up to 3 times its size, so even small coolers can fit perfectly.  This net includes 4 Stainless Steel and Rust-Resistant Hooks that easily attach to your existing tie-down anchors or for boards without consider buying a Deck Rigging Kit, which is a great compliment with our SUPSmart Net.  No tools required!


  • SECURES MORE VALUABLES: Bungee Stretches up to 3 Times its Size
  • LONGER LASTING: 4 Stainless Steel Anti-Corrosive Hooks Resist Rust
  • LESS HASSLE: No Sliding or Suction Reduces Risk of Storage Items Falling Off your SUP
  • MORE OPTIONS: Available in 3 Sizes 20 x 20  *  25 x 25  *  30 x 30
  • CONVENIENCE: No Tools Required