Wai Nalu board- (Pre-Sale) Arriving September

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3 TOP LAYERS - 3 Layers 6 oz. Fiberglass with Epoxy Resin + 0.5mm Wood / Bamboo Skin
2 BOTTOM LAYERS - 2 Layers 6oz Fiberglass with Epoxy+ 0.5mm Wood / Bamboo Skin
EPS Foam Core - Ultra Light High Density Fireproof Foam (Our Secret for More Buoyancy)
Epoxy Resin - Environmentally Friendly UV Protected Clear Coating for Enhanced Strength and Durability
Accessories – Reinforced with PVC Blocks
EVA Deck Pad – Made for Comfort and Longevity
Reinforced Standing Deck – 1 Extra Patch 6 oz. Fiberglass Epoxy for extra Reinforcement
Nose and Tail - Reinforced by Kevlar
Rails - Clever Building: We wrap the 2 bottom layers up and the 3 top layers down creating 5 LAYERS on the rails. Board Last Longer and can absorb more impacts.
Gore Self Adjusting Air Vent – Allows boards to Breath on it's own and reducing odds of Delamination
8 Accessory Plugs – Our Plugs have Reinforced PVC Blocks that are more durable with 4 Front and 4 Rear Locations for pairing use with Cargo Nets, Tie Downs, Fitness Bungees, or Anchoring.
More Storage and Security for your convenience.
LiftSUP Handle – A Patented Handle that is awesome for carrying and doubles it's versatility acting as a locking mechanism when combined with any standard Cable Lock.
2 Connex SUP Mounts – These can be interchanged to match various utility attachments.
Perfect for GoPro's, Ram Mounts, SUPSmart Water Resistant Speakers,
Camera/Video Mounts, Drink Holder, Fish Finder or Fishing Rod Mount, Leash Plug – Center Mounted in the rear for convenience and safety
Fin Box – High Quality Made in the USA