With summer approaching, our days get longer and a whole lot hotter. Being surrounded by water gives us a great advantage to keep our bodies cooler during this time of year without forgetting the fun times it comes with! Before we put our trendy bathing suits on, let’s not sacrifice our safety when having a little pleasure, especially when we talk about paddle boarding. Here are some safety tips and gear for protection to include in the fun:

· Leash– this can be the most important equipment that can make a difference between life and death. Do not forget to stay as close as possible to your board and having the leash around your ankle will help you do that. In case of an emergency or accident, it is safer to keep the board by you to be rescued than being a lone swimmer in the water.


· Life vest – whether you know how to swim or not, it is very important to bring a life vest when going paddle boarding. They come in different sizes and provide great comfort to swim freely and the assurance that you will be afloat in case of an unexpected flip.


· Take a lesson! Why? You may ask – Open water can be our best friend or our worst nightmare so it’s better to know certain tips and techniques to be prepared for either circumstance. Also, familiarizing with the ocean tides and winds can help up determine how safe our paddle boarding adventure can turn out to be!


· Bring a buddy! - Not only is it safe to have someone with you but it is also a wonderful experience to share with someone. You can really get a kick out of your summer-time adventure while also engaging in a wild athletic pastime.

The goal here is to provide you with the most common tips and gear needed for paddle boarding this upcoming season. Now that you know the basics, get ready and happy paddling!