Why Start Your SUP BIZ with SUNRISE PADDLEBOARDS and SUPSmart Brands

Learn How To Be Successful – We don't just Sell Boards, We've trained over 100,000 to SUP

Founded in 2010, Sunrise Paddleboards began as a Rental and Tour Company growing towards it latest honor being Featured in USA TODAY's; “12 EPIC PLACES TO PADDLE”.  We learned all about SUP's from our customers and then Partnered with the Largest Maker of Boards in the World to continue learning from the Pioneer's of the Fastest Growing Sport in the World.  By the end of 2012 we had become the top selling #1 Dealer in the USA and have maintained that status from 2012 – Present.

Learn from Experienced Experts – Let our proven Biz Formula provide a Lower Risk Startup  

Using a 0% Credit Card we started with a minimal purchase of 6 Stand Up Paddle Board, 6 Paddles, 6 Leashes, and 6 Life Jackets.  The 6 soon became 10 and then the need for 16, then 22 and well it just became an addiction.  In addition to maintaining our relationship with the top maker; we have visited many factories and have purchased from over 20 foreign factories.  We learned a few DO's & DON'Ts and now operate from a Riverfront Showroom and have 3 Warehouses full of Paddle Boards.  It's not hard to find great reviews from our 1000's of Happy Satisfied Customers.  

Structural Procedures, Marketing, and Great Service – Get a Jump Start on the Fast Track  

We know there are several SUP Companies that can help you Start Your Business.  We offer so much more then just a few boards to buy.  We started from nothing and know the Secret Recipe to Get Started.  How to Pay Your People, How To Price your Rentals and Tours, Procedures and Forms to Use, and most importantly how to get those first customers “MARKETING and GROWING”'!  We have learned what people like and don;'t like.  Our Biggest Advantage is “We Do It All”: Sell, Buy, Trade, Repair, Rent, Tour, Train, and Manufacture.  Plus, we understand how to get those Positive Reviews and Get those TripAdvisor Awards of Excellence for Service.

Quality Construction, Features, and Benefits - Our Experience will make your Startup Fun and Easy

To become EPIC in Tours and #1 Sales comes with Commitment to Providing Superior Quality Service and Products.  Our Boards are easily the Biggest Bang for the Buck.  We challenge anyone to find a  Board wrapped entirely in Bamboo for strength, a Nose and Tail reinforced with Kevlar, 8 Cargo Tie Downs, 2 Accessory Mounts, a patented LiftSUP Handle, and our “Secret Recipe” for added Buoyancy, Stability, Outstanding Performance.  The Best Prices with more Standard Features and Benefits equals Volume Sales, Referrals, and Repeat Business.

Maximize Profits with Smart Branding -  Lead the Industry with SUPSmart” Branding

We have invested Thousand's of Dollars into SUPSmart - “Smart SUP Products for Smart People”.  Every board we sell had added profits with our mega accessory line of products that we have developed from customer surveys and inquiries.  Our goal was to make accessories for SUP's that were affordable and attempted to make each product better by reviewing the market and improving things that customers wanted.  These products have nice margins for Business Owners and provide Quality Accessories for SUP Owner.  These are a Second Income for our Startup Partners as we will teach you how to keep customers coming back for just about one of these: Paddle, Leashes, Rail Tape, Cargo Nets, Water Proof Phone Cases, Dry Bags, Anchors, Flaoting Neck Straps for Sunglasses, SUP Suction Mounting Beveridge Coolers, Water Resistant Bluetooth SUP Mounting Speakers, and more.....

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