Sunrise Paddleboards, LLC. been selected as our winner for Adventure Activity of the Year in Florida

This is a great achievement and we’re proud to select you as one of our prestigious winners. We’re one of the few independent global awarding bodies and as such, we always like to share the good news and continually promote all our winners.

 All our winners are judged based on the criteria we have, we extensively carry out research online through reviews, ratings and feedback.

·        Service & Hospitality – Providing a personal and tailored service, excellent                                                                                 customer service is usually why clients return

·        Experience – Making a memorable experience all round for the clients

·        Treatments – A range and variety of different treatments to ensure the                                                                        clients every need is matched

·        Design & Style – The design and style sets a tone to the experience being                                                                         able to create an atmosphere that’s boutique, cozy and                                                                           comfortable makes for a relaxing experience

·        Rating & Reviews Online – A very key factor, online feedback is important.                                                                                        What clients say online can break or make you.