Anchor Kit for SUP's
*3.5lb Grapnel Anchor
*25' Rope with Hook
Float / Storage bag*

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SUPSmart Stand Up Paddle Board Anchor Kit - Stabilizes SUP for Fishing, Snorkeling, or Fitness and Yoga. Includes 3.5 lb Grapnel Anchor, 25' Rope, Stainless Steel Snap Hook, PVC Float, and Storage Bag

The SUPSmart Anchore Kit is ideal for SUP's and other small crafts.  As seen in the images the Kit includes a 3.5lb Grapnel Anchor attached to a, 25" x 7mm Polyethylene Rope with a Stainless Steel 304 Snap Hook to use for attachment.  Also included is an SF-120A PVC Float, Storage Bag and Plastic Clam for convenience.

  • ANCHOR - The Grapnel Anchoe is painted red for good visibility underwater and weighs an ideal weight of 3.5lbs ideal to carry on Stand Up Paddle Boards
  • ROPE - The poleyethylene rope is 25 feet long for anchoring in deeper waters and strong durability
  • HOOK - The stainless steel hook resist corrosion and easily snaps on to it your mount
  • STORAGE BAG - The bags keeps your anchor kit in a an easy to store and find bag the will help protect objects from rubbing against metal

Our SUP Instructors and Guides often use the Anchor for Yoga and Fitness Classes as well as Snorkel Adventures.  Use your imagination and you will find many other uses for our handy SUP Anchor Kit.