SUPSmart Elite

19 ounces 2-pc Adjustable 69" x 85" Oval Carbon Shaft Carbon Blade and Carbon Handle

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LC-PD23 OVAL All Carbon Black

Blade Size: 20.5cm x 48cm (8" x 18.89")

Angle: 8 Degree

Length Adjustable: 175cm x 215cm (69" x 84.65")

Weight: 550g (19.40 oz.)


SUPSmart Paddles are made for any Paddler from Beginners to Experts.  We use Plastic, Fiberglass, and Carbon Materials to create a blend of choices.  This includes a mixture of Handles, Shafts, and Blades using all 3 of these materials to create the most affordable paddles to the highest quality paddles.  Plus, we use 2 different types of Adjusters for Adjusting a Paddle to the height of the User.  All Paddles are made for Adults, but may be adjusted to fit many youth sizes.