2024 Bamboo Fiberglass Lotus
2024 Bamboo Fiberglass Lotus
Sunrise Paddleboards

2024 Bamboo Fiberglass Lotus

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Fiberglass Epoxy Board Construction

Our Traditional All Purpose Stand Up Paddle Board

10'6" x 32"     

11' x 30"     

11'6" x 33"   

3 TOP LAYERS - 3 Layers 6oz. Fiberglass Epoxy Resin .5mm Wood / Bamboo Skin

2 BOTTOM LAYERS - 2 Layers 6oz Fiberglass w Epoxy Resin + .5mm Wood / Bamboo Skin

EPS Foam Core - Ultra Light High Density Fireproof Foam adds Buoyancy

Epoxy Resin - Environmentally Friendly UV Protected Clear Coating for advanced Strength and Durability

Accessories – Reinforced with PVC Blocks

EVA Deck Pad – Made for Comfort and Longevity

Reinforced Standing Deck – 6 oz. Fiberglass Epoxy Patch for extra Reinforcement

Nose and Tail - Reinforced by Kevlar

Rails - Clever Building: We wrap the 2 bottom layers up and the 3 top layers down creating 5 LAYERS on the rails. Board Last Longer and can absorb more impacts.

Specialized Standard Features and Benefits

Gore Self Adjusting Air Vent – Allows boards to Breath on its own and reducing odds of Delamination.

8 Accessory Plugs – Our Plugs have Reinforced PVC Blocks that are more durable with 4 Front and 4 Rear Locations for pairing use with Cargo Nets, Tie Downs, Fitness Bungees, or Anchoring.  More Storage and Security for your convenience.

LiftSUP Handle – A Patented Handle that is awesome for carrying and doubles its versatility acting as a locking mechanism when combined with a standard Cable Lock.

1 Connex SUP Mounts – Thise can be interchanged to match various utility attachments. Perfect for GoPro's, Ram Mounts, SUPSmart Water Resistant Speakers, Camera/Video Mounts, Drink Holder, Fish Finder or Fishing Rod Mount, 

Leash Plug – Center Mounted in the rear for convenience and safety

Fin Box – High Quality Made in the USA


Sunrise PaddleBoards, provides warranty for manufacturing defects on all new boards for one (1) year from the date of purchase.

The paddle board warranty encompasses Sunrise Paddleboards Paddle Boards that were purchased from Sunrise Paddleboards, LLC. or an authorized Sunrise Paddleboards, LLC. Dealer. Warranty coverage is not transferable and as such will only apply to the original purchaser of the paddle board. Proof of purchase must be presented at the time of the warranty claim.