LED Blue Spectrum
LED Blue Spectrum
LED Blue Spectrum
Sunrise Paddleboards

LED Blue Spectrum

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Sunrise Paddleboards are Manufactured using The Best Raw Materials (Carbon, PVC, Kevlar, and Fiberglass).  Our Paddle Board Factory uses an Aku CNC Machine insuring that every board is the same size and accurate shape contrary to hand shaping that allow mistakes and the possibility for uneven shapes and weight. While we respect Professional Hand Shaping and appreciate this extraordinary craft, this can be a very time consuming method which converts into much higher cost. Our machine has the ability to create any given shape and or we can mold a design for anyone or any company.  For Special Request Email Sales@SUPSmart.com


  • EPS Foam Core - Ultra Light High Density Fireproof Foam Core - Our Secret for Buoyancy
  • Epoxy Resin - Environmentally UV Protected Epoxy Resin Coating enhances strength and durability with 3 Layers Top and 3 Layers Bottom
  • Reinforced Nose, Tail, and Rails

Specialized Standard Features / Benefits

  • Gore Self Adjusting Air Vent - Allows the Board to Automatically Breath and reduces any chance of Delamination
  • 8 Accessory Plugs Our Plugs have Reinforced PVC Blocks that are more durable with 4 Front and 4 Back conveniently located for Cargo Nets, Tie Downs, Fitness Bungees, and or Anchoring
  • LiftSUP Handle - This is a Patented Handle that is awesome for carrying and doubles versatility as a locking mechanism when combined with a cable and lock
  • 2 Connex SUP Mounts - These can be interchanged to match various utility attachments such as SUPSmart Water Resistant Speaker, Camera/Video Mount, Drink Holder, Fish Finder or Fishing Rod Mount, and more...
  • Leash Plug - Center Mounted in the rear for convenience and safety
  • Fin Box - High Quality Made in the USA