Rail Tape 84" Protects the Most
Rail Tape 84" Protects the Most
Rail Tape 84" Protects the Most
Rail Tape 84" Protects the Most

Rail Tape 84" Protects the Most


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Rail Tape made in Longer (84") and Wider (3.5" or 4") Sizes.  Texturized, Transparent, and Easy To Install Rail Saver
SUPSmart Rail Tape is made with pride designed in the USA and created to provide the most Stand Up Paddle Board Rail Protection while still allowing a transparency to see the beauty of the rails under the tape.  We prefer the TEXTURIZED TAPE because it last longer and makes it easier to handle the board, plus we found our secret pattern that is non-abrasive compared to other that will scratch your chest in choppy waters.  Yes, we thought of everything from the looks, feel, and integrity to bring you the LONGEST (*4 inches and a foot longer than other brands) and WIDEST (3.5 inches for traditional boards and 4 inches for boards with more volume or height).  Finally, we learned that some brands rub your thumbs raw trying to press out the bubbles and SUPSmart was engineered to be easier to install with mkinimal bubbles during our QUICK AND EASY APPLICATION. (Instructions Included in the Packaging)
SUPSmart Advantages:
  • LONGER FOR MORE PROTECTION: SUPSmart Rail Tape is 84 inches long reaching closer to your SUP Nose. This placement allows for less wear and tear as a correct stroke advises your arm to be fully extended on a forward stroke, which is why this is the most important place to protect your board. More Protection = Less Nicks and Scratches
  • WIDER FOR LESS DAMAGE: Our closest competitors offer only 3 inches while we provide you 2 sizes - 3.5 and 4 inches. We make our Rail Tape to protect your rails from scraping docks or pavement. Plus the areas the paddle scrapes the edge will be less likely to get knicked and chipping away your top layer
  • EASIER TO APPLY: We tried other brands and know how much it hurts you thumbs to push out all the bubbles. SUPSmart Rail Tape will have far less air pockets making it much easier and faster to apply. Eaiser to apply means better looking straight lines
  • TEXTURIZED AND NON ABRASIVE: Again we have taken things customers did not like and greatly improved them as your chest will not feel the burn of other tapes that scratch against your chest in choppy waters. Yet we were still able to create a texturized coating that makes it easier to grip and last longer than clear rail tape. There really is no comparison
  • #1 DEALER OF STAND UP PADDLE BOARDS: SUPSmart is a liscensed Trademark from the #1 Seller of Paddle Boards for the largest Manufacturer in the World. We conduct thousands of Rentals and Tours and innovate stand up paddle board products from customer request. We don't just Manufacture Great SUP Products. We use them on Lessons, Rentals, and Tours Everyday!